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001 - Wellwater Creek on Wellwater Road

Water level notes to come.

003 - Nive River - Old Tambo Road

Water level notes to come.

005 - Bulloo River Sth Comongin Crossing Thargo Road FS1

Bridge height estimated to be at 0.69 m Water Level

007 - Yappi Creek Crossing Bulloo Catchment FS29

Road height estimated at 1.3m Water level

009 - Paroo River - Paroo Catchment - Eulo bridge FS10

Bridge height is at approx 1.85m reported water level
Black Height marker in photo indicates approx water depth on bridge
Add 1.5m to reported depth to approximate the BOM marker depth
LEFT hand scale on post is approximating BOM based river height
RIGHT hand scale on post is approx height over road

Road Now Open to Thargomindah - Load Limits apply

002 - Warrego River Caroline Crossing

Sensor is 0.6m above crossing - depth will register after 0.6m
White Height Gauge shows up to 1m Depth over Crossing
Black height gauge starts at 2m depth over crossing

004 - Winbin Creek Crossing Quilpie-Charleville Rd FS6

Bridge height estimated @ 1.65m water depth

010 - Yowah Creek Alroy Crossing FS7

Road Height is approx 0.3m water level

012 - Angellala Creek Colombo Crossing Station 25

Water level notes to come.